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Posted on 01/08/2011 at 03:12PM

I have published a new open source Twitter client web app to github: http://github.com/rsepulveda2/Twitter-Mobile

My goal was to create a standalone Twitter client web app that is optimized for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android phone, etc.


The app utilizes the new jQuery Mobile javascript library. This library provides a standardized mobile device UI and is designed to work on most of the popular mobile devices on the market today.

The app also utilizes the Twitter @anywhere javascript library as a means of communicating with twitter.com. The library allows your javascript program to: login/logout of twitter, send tweets, follow users, receive tweets/statuses of people that you are following, etc.

The app was designed to be standalone. It generates its own pages to be displayed on the mobile device utilizing data obtained from twitter.com. There is no interaction with the "home" server after the initial page load.

I accomplished most of these design goals in a fairly short amount of time. The app has a similar look and feel to the Twitter/Tweetie app on MacOS and IOS (iPhone OS).

Twitter-Mobile's capabilities:

  • login to twitter by redirecting to twitter.com, then return to this app.

  • display your home Timeline as the main screen (This is the most recent tweets of the people that you follow).

  • Click on @user links embedded in tweets. This brings up a page of tweets most recently sent by that user.

  • Click on #keyword links embedded in tweets. This brings up a new page of the most recent tweets containing this keyword.

  • View embedded links in tweets.

  • Click on the thumbnail or tweet author to bring up his most recent tweets

  • Click on the top right most button to reply to a tweet

  • Click on the bottom right most button to retweet

  • Search twitter for any string. This brings up the most recent tweets containing this string.

  • Send a normal tweet to the world.

  • On a screen containing only tweets from a specific user. You can:

    Send a public tweet directed to that user

    Send a private message to that user

    View that user's profile.

Upcoming features:

  • UI and error recovery refinements

This is experimental code and may contain bugs.

To view the source code and related notes, visit the github link http://github.com/rsepulveda2/Twitter-Mobile

You can try the application at http://macdevshop.com/twitter/index.html using your mobile device or normal computer browser.

Please send your feedback to: rsepulveda2@gmail.com

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