QuickAlarm provides a quick and easy way of setting alarms on your Macintosh. You can configure an alarm in seconds. Just click the QuickAlarm icon in your menu bar, select 'New Alarm...', then choose your desired alarm parameters.

We are currently looking for QuickAlarm Beta Testers. Please send an e-mail to support@rsepulveda.com for details.

Configure the alarm:

  • set the alarm time and a specific date (calendar included)
  • set a daily repeating alarm
  • choose a message that will be displayed with the alarm
  • choose an alarm sound
    • built-in alarm sound
    • select a song in itunes
    • play a playlist in itunes
    • no sound
  • additional actions that can take place with the alarm, such as sending an e-mail

Additional Preferences:

  • specify the alarm volume range for the built-in tone or a single song
  • specify the snooze duration
  • kill the alarm sound after a user specified time
  • press any key on the keyboard to enter snooze or to terminate the alarm
  • use your apple remote to enter snooze

Easy Access From Your Menubar At All Times:

  • create a new alarm
  • view/modify existing alarms
  • set your preferences

IMPORTANT: Waking the Macintosh from sleep or shutdown with an alarm requires root access privileges. This is not allowed by App Store applications. The user can setup this functionality in System Preferences:Energy Saver:Power Adapter by pressing the Schedule button and selecting the desired date and time to wakeup.


I have started QuickAlarm and it doesn't appear to start?

QuickAlarm starts up with no visible window or menu. You operate QuickAlarm by clicking on its icon on the right side of your menubar. Clicking on the icon will display the QuickAlarm menu. You can then select New Alarm... to bring up the alarm setup window.

How can I change an existing alarm?

Click the QuickAlarm icon in the menu bar and select the alarm that you wish to modify in the menu. You can then modify any parameter and press OK.

What does initial volume mean in the Preferences?

QuickAlarm will increase its volume between the initial volume % to the alarm volume %. If you wish the alarm to be a constant volume from beginning to end, Set the initial volume % equal to the alarm volume %.

What does snooze duration and stop alarm in x minutes do?

Snooze is just like the snooze button on your normal alarm clock. If you press snooze after an alarm has been activated, QuickAlarm will hide the alarm window and stop the alarm sound then wait Snooze Duration minutes before it reactivates the alarm. The Stop Alarm in x Minutes sets a max time that the sound will play before it shuts off. This prevents an alarm from playing all day just in case you aren't around to shut it off.

What does the keyboard setting do?

You have several options to snooze/terminate an active alarm. 1) Click the snooze or ok button in the alarm window. 2) Press any key on your keyboard to either enter snooze or terminate the alarm (Keyboard setting). 3) Use an Apple Remote to enter Snooze.

Do I have to launch QuickAlarm everytime i shutdown and restart my computer?

No, just check the Launch Application at Login button in the Preferences.

What if i want to temporarily disable my scheduled alarm but i don't want to delete it.. For example, I have an alarm setup to wake me up Monday thru Friday at 6:00am. But this week i am on vacation and don't want the alarm.

Select that alarm in the menu and uncheck the Enable Alarm checkbox in the bottom left of the window.

I launch QuickAlarm from the Dock but i don't see the icon in the menubar. What's going on?

Click on your desktop and see if the icon shows up on the menubar. If it doesn't, then your QuickAlarm may be crashing. A few user's have reported this problem and we are dedicated to fix these problems ASAP. In order to track down these problems, we need as much information as possible. Such as your machine type (Mac Book Pro, iMac Quad Core, Mac Pro Quad Core, etc.), Screenshots that may help explain the problem (use the Grab application located in your Applications/Utilities folder). Start the program called Console. It is located in your /Applications/Utilities folder. Click on the DATABASE SEARCHES arrow and select All Messages. Scroll to the bottom on the information pane on the right. If you see information pertaining to QuickAlarm, please save this information. Please enclose all of this information in an e-mail to support@rsepulveda.com and we will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for being patient. Our goal is to make all of our customers satisfied with our products.

Please send an e-mail to support@rsepulveda.com for technical support, bug reports, and suggestions.